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The Data Catalog is both a catalog and a library of datasets, i.e. it both helps you figure out which data you want, and helps you work with the data. The interface allows you to make plots, tables, and files from any dataset, its subsets, or processed versions thereof.

This data server is designed to make data accessible to people using WWW clients (viewers) and to serve as a data resource for WWW documents. Since most documents cannot use raw data, the server is able to deliver the data in a variety of ways: as data files, as tables, and in a variety of plots (line, contour, color, vector) and plot formats (PostScript and gif). Processing of the data, particularly averaging and sampling, can be requested as well.

The ultimate vision is to automatically create a web of hypertext that connects final results to analyses to the original data.

Question and Answers - questions previously asked, with illustrated/linked answers.
Tutorial - An introduction to using the Data Library.
Your Home Directory - describes how to set up your own data directory to use with the data library.
Topics - special topics.

The Basic Design - describes how to find and use datasets in the Data Library.
Examples - written out examples of frequently desired manipulations
Overview - gives a more detailed description of the Data Library.