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Questions and Answers

An archive of previously-asked questions about the Data Library is offered below. Please feel free to browse the archive to find an answer to your question or one similar to it. The questions are divided into four groups to better help you navigate through the archive.

Finding Specific Data - Answers to questions about finding specific types of data or data for a specific geographic location.
Example: Does the Data Library have daily wind data for Taiwan?
Manipulate Data - Examples of how to select and manipulate data using the interface, data viewer and in expert mode.
Example: How do I select data for a specific time period or location?
Example: How do I create temporal or spatial averages?
Example: How do I create animations?
Technical Questions - Information concerning data formats, documentation, problems with downloading data, etc.
Example: How is a particular parameter defined in this dataset?
Example:  How do I download data in a tabular or netCDF format?
Basic Information - Answers to questions about basic climatological information and definitions.
Example: What is El Niño?

If you still have questions or would like to offer a comment about the Data Library, please contact help@iri.